Monday, May 30, 2011

How My Garden Grows

I've not shared my garden lately and though the season is starting slowly, I think before we know it everything will be growing strong.

My highlight this year is the shell beans I am growing. This is the first of my little Christmas lima beans. I may only get enough for a pot of soup but it will be worth it. I am also growing black beans and have found an heirloom climbing haricot vert.

Found this great rosemary at Home Depot for $12. While not organic as I usually like to grow this much rosemary for that price - think how many Peach-Rosemary Cocktails I can make!

My cold frame was over flowing with greens when I took this but they are long gone. I am wondering if a bit of screen wire to shade the greens might enable me to grow greens a while longer. The kohlrabi plants I bought from Sweet Home Organics along with 5 baby celeriac I can't wait to eat next fall.

I have also planted carrots, beets, chard and parsnips. I am trying lemon cucumbers for the first time and pickling cucumbers again. There are spaces for (some) Doug's pepper babies when they are ready for the big, bad back yard. I have seven heirloom tomatoes and six basil plants in addition to a nice collection of culinary herbs.

Though I feel like I am in a holding pattern because of our ridiculous spring weather, I have set some goals. I've planted a lot of later season produce to extend the foods available from my own garden. I will use the cold frame in the fall for greens. I will plant the sugar snaps I didn't get planted in March. And finally, and most importantly, I vow to stay on top of amending my soil and feeding my plants - even those in pots.

Will it all happen? Will I get it all done?

I don't know but the best part of spring is the promise of things to come.

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Anonymous said...

You seem ambitious. I'm sure you'll get everything finished!