Friday, February 26, 2010

2-Toots with Henry

Henry loves trains. I love that Henry loves trains. When the school held kindergarten preview last week the kindergartners had the day off. When a friend (thanks Georgine) clued me in on this fun lunch place in Glen Ellyn called 2Toots, I knew I wanted to take him as a special treat. To make the day extra special he invited his best friend Carson.

The food is delivered on a train that travels through the whole restaurant and to all tables. Talk about cool. BTW, if you touch the train "too hard", it derails. Thank goodness no one lost their lunch. The really nice staff took it in stride.

Finishing up a delicious hot dog/chicken nugget lunch. I had a classic grilled cheese.

Behind the tracks is an old fashioned ice cream fountain. They make shakes, too. I used to work at an old ice cream fountain in high school. A bit of nostalgia is always good.

A chocolate sundae for dessert that came with a train whistle. That was the best part, at least for them.

There is still a bit of baby in those hands.

They had a great time. Classic kid faire, treats from the gumball machines and chocolate sundaes.

And then there were the train whistles on the ride home.....

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Georgine said...

Yeah, hated those whistles. Imagine how much the staff at 2 toots must hate them. Next time, I am trying a shake!