Sunday, September 11, 2011

A FoodiStar Is Born!

A few weeks ago, Doug, Ella and I went to hit the third stop of the Fooditour. What's a Fooditour? The effort of Fooditude to track down a new face or two to star in their new webisodes. These shorts are made to encourage children to try new foods and learn about where they come from. The website is full of activities and ideas, too.

Of course, I encouraged her and told her it was no big deal and that it would be fun. Gulp. I was glad it was her and not me. She did a fabulous job and had fun as evidenced by her big genuine smile. We were so proud of her for putting herself out there. For me it was a life lesson, I felt was important to push. Sometimes watching from a distance is nice. Sometimes it's just not where you want to be but overbearing fear, usurps the wanna-have-fun-girl. Her confidence and courage put me to shame.

A couple weeks ago her leg of the tour was posted to the website. Check out my girl here.

We'll find out the end of October whether or not she was selected and really, I doesn't it matter. We were all so proud of her for giving it a go - anything else would be gravy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time, Time, Time...

..isn't not on my side.

One of these years I am going to remember the beginning of school is H*LL. Time is too short. I feel as though I spend my days buying food, making food, driving to XC meets, picking up from XC practice, collecting more school supplies, signing things and writing checks. Then I buy more food.....

There are so many things going on the yellow house that I really want to share and yes, lots of them have to do with food. It's been made, photographed and consumed. Now snaps sit in my computer and words circle my brain. Some have to do with Kate Payne's exciting visit and words on paper -rather than just a screen.

Never fear, stick with me and I'll have a few fun things chat plans, uses for the piles of tomatoes usurping the counter and techniques for those tender herbs living on borrowed time.

While on the subject of time, if you are really short on it, too, these homemade sloppy joes are perfect for a post-practice dinner. If the blight is winning and so is the every growing pile of cherry tomatoes (and fruit flies)beat it with a super easy fresh tomato sauce. The have this delicious cheesiness on the table tout de suite.

Of course if all else fails this can be your go-to.

Once the driving is done.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Super Fun Food Truck Social

Part of the deal with having 4 kids is family outings most often revolve around something free or nearly so. There are exceptions, and just over a week ago, we had occasion to enjoy a wonderful one - A Food Truck Social sponsored by Time Out Chicago. Though we spent money (I am glad I don't know exactly how much), we walked away with wonderful memories and the added bonus of giving back.

The entry fee was given to Share Our Strength for the No Kid Hungry Campaign campaign. No kid should ever be hungry.

This pretty truck Hummingbird Kitchen sold lovely things including the Italian French Fries Jake ordered. Since then, I've been craving a Nicoise sandwich.

Sweet Ride sold my dear sweet-loving daughter whoopie pies. Ella loves whoopie pies. I might have helped her - just a little bit.

The line for tamales from Tamale Spaceship. A reason why Doug wants to quit his job, buy a food truck and sell tamales.

My personal fave - the most delicious curried chicken pot pie pasty in the world Bridgeport Pasty

Lillie's Q makin' the sammies.

A $5 pulled pork slider. Truthfully, I think Doug's BBQ is better. Another reason Doug wants to quit his job, buy a food truck and sell BBQ sliders.

Street food should be eaten on the street.

And at a street fair, children should dance.

It was great to experience so many food trucks all in one place.

And it was a day we'll never forget.

Thanks for snapping the pic TOC!

A delicious day worth every penny.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Everyone Eats Their Veggies

A week or two ago, I decided I was done with the over-grown broccoli plants in the garden. The two modest heads and small bits made about a meal and a few crudite bites. I pulled the plants and piled the fat, woody stalks covered with squeaky leaves into the chicken run. They immediately fell upon them and did a bang up job of stripping off the leave. A day later, I pulled out the fat, woody and now leafless stalks and tossed them aside to deal with later.

June took it upon herself to deal with at least one of them for me. She carried it around and shook it. Threw it in the air and chewed on.

She loves her veggies.

What a good dog.