Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Everyone Eats Their Veggies

A week or two ago, I decided I was done with the over-grown broccoli plants in the garden. The two modest heads and small bits made about a meal and a few crudite bites. I pulled the plants and piled the fat, woody stalks covered with squeaky leaves into the chicken run. They immediately fell upon them and did a bang up job of stripping off the leave. A day later, I pulled out the fat, woody and now leafless stalks and tossed them aside to deal with later.

June took it upon herself to deal with at least one of them for me. She carried it around and shook it. Threw it in the air and chewed on.

She loves her veggies.

What a good dog.

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Additionsstyle said...

June is so cute! It was very nice of her to help you out with one of the stalks.
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