Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time, Time, Time...

..isn't not on my side.

One of these years I am going to remember the beginning of school is H*LL. Time is too short. I feel as though I spend my days buying food, making food, driving to XC meets, picking up from XC practice, collecting more school supplies, signing things and writing checks. Then I buy more food.....

There are so many things going on the yellow house that I really want to share and yes, lots of them have to do with food. It's been made, photographed and consumed. Now snaps sit in my computer and words circle my brain. Some have to do with Kate Payne's exciting visit and words on paper -rather than just a screen.

Never fear, stick with me and I'll have a few fun things chat plans, uses for the piles of tomatoes usurping the counter and techniques for those tender herbs living on borrowed time.

While on the subject of time, if you are really short on it, too, these homemade sloppy joes are perfect for a post-practice dinner. If the blight is winning and so is the every growing pile of cherry tomatoes (and fruit flies)beat it with a super easy fresh tomato sauce. The have this delicious cheesiness on the table tout de suite.

Of course if all else fails this can be your go-to.

Once the driving is done.

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