Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The D

I seem to collect anything with a "D" on it. Blocks, postcards, ceramic plaques, framed pictures. They are everywhere in the yellow house. Though I don't think they are obnoxious pleasantly tucked away - perhaps it's getting a bit compulsive. Oh, well.

 Earlier this winter, I was inspired by Pinterest (duh) to make a cute "D" for my door. A cheap unfinished wooden "D" coated with red paint from a bygone project, a berry garland and Tacky Glue. (How did we live before Tacky Glue?)

The most challenging part of this project is getting the super thick glue out of the bottle. My Tacky Tip? Setting the bottle upside down in a glass between squeezes. This simple trick takes away a lot of frustration. Especially for kids accustom to the constant and unstoppable flow provided by Elmer.

Using old craft scissors to cut through garland wires, cut off mid-sized clumps and randomly glue them on. Be sure to keep the edges flush so the letter is clear from a distance. Layer to create a cohesive look. Don't worry about the glue - it dries clear. Sturdy berries are key.


A big red ribbon for hanging and I have perfect winter decoration for my front door. What if your name begins with "N" or "H"?  Evenly measure a ribbon for each side of the letter and us a staple gun to affix it securely.

With the advent of spring I want to make another one.

I am thinking moss.

I am also thinking I need to get off Pinterest.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Ode to Pinterest

I am sure by now everyone is as obsessed, compulsively obsessed, with Pinterest as I am. 

I can think of no better way to while away the hours. So much more productive than Facebook. Inspirational. Is there a more perfect activity at 1am when sleep is elusive? Encouragement to do all of the things you've ever wanted to do. Things on your list since before you had kids, started a business, picked up a part time job, moved, agreed to host your school's fun fair (total lie-they are not fun), dedicated to a work out regime, become the best scout leader ever or masterminded a complete craft/kitchen storage makeover project (just put it on the table down there and I'll (eventually) take care of it)

I love Pinterest.

I love to be crafty and since I've begun to 'pin' I've got my craft groove back. Millions of ideas many of which are fast, cheap and gratifying. Many of which I can't wait to share - just in case you have yet to see them.

For this project, a  run through Goodwill in ten minutes or less with seven dollars, I amassed enough pieces of glass to make five tiny cake stands. Five!

A good scrub in soapy water....

Once thoroughly dry determine what bases, candle sticks or glasses, will be paired with which plates.
I found the bread and butter plates with the etched boarders in a set of four. Two tall, thin taper holders, one with graceful lines and the second sharply cut. Two squat pillar stands, Party Light products probably $19.95 each, cost me $1.98. Mixing up the styles makes for a more interesting grouping but be mindful of scale and proportion.

The biggest investment was the glass and china glue I used to affix top to bottom. This can be challenging and try your patience but persevere, they will hold.  Hint: Don't be stingy with the glue. After struggling with mine, I read E6000 is the way to go. I will definitely use this next time especially now that I've found mine post craft/kitchen storage makeover project.

After a good long drying period the gratification is high....

My original plan was to spray paint them as most 'pins' suggest. I found the clear class appealed to me - maybe because of the etched edge - I originally thought I didn't like. For seven bucks, I can paint one or all someday if it strikes my fancy. An inexpensive way customize a table setting or make a lovely handmade and personalized hostess gift - especially when topped with homemade treats.

Go forth, pin, thrift, create and give. The mess in the craft cabinet isn't going anywhere.

If you'd like to check out  Sweet Sugar Belle's for some color inspiration.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome To The Yellow House

Meet the latest addition to the yellow house.

Though he looks exactly like his sister June, is equally hard to photograph and is also a South Bend native....

This is Enzo.  Quiet and thoughtful. A shy and adoring brother. Smart as a whip, water bowl diver. Lover of all things edible....and squeaky.

We can't wait to watch him grow.

Welcome home Little Dog. We love you.

Junie B. - August 2011