Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The D

I seem to collect anything with a "D" on it. Blocks, postcards, ceramic plaques, framed pictures. They are everywhere in the yellow house. Though I don't think they are obnoxious pleasantly tucked away - perhaps it's getting a bit compulsive. Oh, well.

 Earlier this winter, I was inspired by Pinterest (duh) to make a cute "D" for my door. A cheap unfinished wooden "D" coated with red paint from a bygone project, a berry garland and Tacky Glue. (How did we live before Tacky Glue?)

The most challenging part of this project is getting the super thick glue out of the bottle. My Tacky Tip? Setting the bottle upside down in a glass between squeezes. This simple trick takes away a lot of frustration. Especially for kids accustom to the constant and unstoppable flow provided by Elmer.

Using old craft scissors to cut through garland wires, cut off mid-sized clumps and randomly glue them on. Be sure to keep the edges flush so the letter is clear from a distance. Layer to create a cohesive look. Don't worry about the glue - it dries clear. Sturdy berries are key.


A big red ribbon for hanging and I have perfect winter decoration for my front door. What if your name begins with "N" or "H"?  Evenly measure a ribbon for each side of the letter and us a staple gun to affix it securely.

With the advent of spring I want to make another one.

I am thinking moss.

I am also thinking I need to get off Pinterest.

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Additionsstyle said...

Very cool project, your D looks great! Gotta love Pinterset.
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