Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Making of a Hen House

When the chickens begin to roost on the garage door runners, it's time to finish their house

Ten years ago we bought the yellow house and were lucky to acquire this cute little play house, too. Built by a neighbor over 20 years ago now, we painted it yellow, hung window boxes and much fun was had by many little people. At some point, it was sadly abandon, I believe, due to the spiders that had moved in. For years, it has sat under a big maple waiting for its' next batch of kids. And then I got to thinking....

The playhouse was integral in our chickens acquisition since I knew it would be a perfect hen house. The first step was to create a foundation from some patio blocks no longer in use. This also gave us the opportunity to level it. It is very important to Doug that the house be level - perfectly level.

The next task was to insulate the walls and roof. Luckily, we had some insulation in garbage bags in the the rafters of the garage. I am not sure why Doug insisted we keep it but I was really that glad after many years of storage to find a use for it. One less chicken related expense. Bonus.

I am tremendously grateful that the playhouse building neighbor was willing to build a chicken run, too. Painting the run was a family activity on Mother's Day.

"I Have the Most Awesome Husband - Part II". Doug covered the run with hardware cloth - not an easy project and one that inflicted many injuries. This is just another part of the work Doug has done to support my endeavor. All this from a man who hates birds. Did I say he's the most awesome husband ever?

The inside was finished with plywood and everything was painted bright white. The windows lined with hardware cloth allow for great a breeze, a left over 2x4 became a removable roost and an old boot tray works perfectly to catch much of the mess and allow for easy upkeep.

We still have a few things to finish. A wall mounted self-feeder needs to be installed and a hole cut to allow access to the run directly from the house, the door and window "shutters" replaced, a few geraniums and new window boxes will finish it off......

Moving day was very exciting, perhaps more so for us than the girls. I am so relieved to have them in a proper house. Doug is just really happy to have them out of the garage.

Welcome home to the Yellow Hen House, Charlie, Rita, Lily, Milly and Martha!

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Georgine said...

The chickens (and the kids) look so happy. Sounds like the chicks have a cool new house, though I do like the photo of the chickens on the garage door runners.