Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apricot Love

It's all about apricots here. I am always drawn to apricots. Inevitably I succumb to the urge to purchase, and I am then disappointed when eating them out of hand. Cooked, however, they never disappoint.

The first baskets I bought were Orange Glows from Hillside Orchard in Michigan. My favorite fruit grower, I always beeline to Sarah when making decisions about my seasonal canning projects. They were perfect, unblemished and photographed beautifully. I threw them in a pan of hot simple syrup anyway. I used David Lebovitz's recipe for apricot jam and it's amazing. Check it out here.

I went back to Sarah for the third (and final?) batch. Ten pounds of Hargrands, an early apricot, beautifully sprinkled with raspberry freckles. They are a bit larger than the apricots I think of when contemplating apricots. The flesh was sweeter and a bit more peach-like causing me to rethink my previoius prejudice. I got a great deal since they were a bit overripe but perfect for cooking. A deal I couldn't pass up.

I blanched them and made puree that later became Apricot Honey. Two cups of puree blended with 1 cup of local honey then heated to thicken. The perfect breakfast treat while on the patio watching the hens chase the moths hiding in the grass.

Copious amounts of apricot sauce for ice cream, yogurt - or a spoon.

The July/August Everyday Food Apricot Cheesecake Bars were a big hit at a Fourth of July barbecue.

Finally, this beautiful birthday tarte. A simple crust and slightly sweetened mascarpone cheese topped with beautiful apricot sauce. The basil was just the right finishing touch.

As July fades into August, the canning continues.

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Georgine said...

OK, I love the DAvid Lebowitz jam, I have made it twice so far, even though I think I over cooked it, that ans I used some brown sugar because that is all I had. The apricot honey/syrup sounds good. Where did you find that recipe or did you make it up?