Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

Coerce final costumes decisions from children. Determine how to execute costumes. Trip to Wal-mart in search of white sweatshirt. Buy candy. Find fancy scarf from working days and a classic vest. Surf the web for Young Luke Skywalker desert boot inspiration. Late night trip for borrowed costume gear. Emergency costume related phone call. Attend Grammy's Annual Halloween Party. Buy more candy. Gather costumes for third and final wearing. Hunt for last year's clearance Halloween paper goods. Carve pumpkins. Search frantically for votives to provide pumpkins with a haunting glow. A trip for extra buns and.....more candy. Light various candles of various sizes and fragrances.

And then...they were gone.

Where does the time go? It seems only recently I turned Jake into a pony, Max into a devil (for the 3rd time), Ella into a tiny angel and Hen's costume was a tattoo on my enormous stomach. This year June was the only one left behind and the only one that I snapped a semi-formal picture of in costume. She was a lovely Ballerina Fairy, wasn't she?

You sort of feel sorry for her don't you?

Call me crazy.

I am just not quite ready to let it all go.

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Georgine said...

What a sweet little thing looking forlornly out the door. Should we get together sometime? Will it ever happen? Oh, I like the Nourish Website. Very nice!