Thursday, December 16, 2010

That Boy In The Backyard

Junie B. has a boyfriend.

His parents call him Lefty. We call him that boy in the backyard.

They are in love. The cute kind of love, like when the neighbor boy kisses the girl at the first grade Christmas party.

To avoid the love that comes later, Junie paid a visit to Dr. Jennie.

The down side of this, for all of us, is while convalescing, June has had to miss her standing 3:45pm play date with the boy in the back yard. Henry calls it tea time.

Everyday when the kids walk in the door from school, she begins running from window to window looking for that boy. So sad - young love.

This final straw, this view through the screen door.

So forlorn. He loves her. And so.... four o'clock, they had tea.

I am pretty sure she'll hold her own in this relationship.

She's faster than he is.

That's my girl.

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