Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trashy Girl's Trash Bowl

I like to keep the kitchen neat when prepping. Sometimes though I get over excited and begin to prep too many things at once and the counters get messy. Never fear -  I pull the garbage can out of its conveniently built-in drawer, push my stuff in and return it to its place. "Genius!" I say to myself.

A certain gal famous for super fast meals makes a fancy garbage bowl to put your prep scraps in to avoid messy counters. It retails for about $20. Doug says it's made out of about 3 cents worth of plastic.

Who's the genius now?

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully all the veggie/fruit scraps are making it to the compost bin or chicken coop! Beyond that, I am a real adherent to the "clean as you go" philosophy.
Isn't it amazing what "inventions" people come up with?! Reminds me of the "pet rock" - genius!