Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm a Living History Geek

Ella has just finished her 3rd Grade history report. She chose to focus on settler life in the 1850's. I couldn't have been more pleased. I love living history. Last Sunday, we went to Garfield Farm and Primrose Farm for pictures and research. She did a beautiful job writing about what she learned and took many of the pictures herself.

Every summer my grandparents would load the grandkids into the Delta 88 and take us to experience living history. We went to Arthur for Amish life, Springfield for New Salem and Lincoln and many, many cemeteries. They instilled in me this love of history. I’m not great at remembering dates but could hang out in a summer kitchen all day long.

Taking a horse-drawn wagon ride, checking out an 1850’s kitchen garden and seeing lots of animals (especially the chickens) was a wonderful way to spend a beautiful day with Beanie. While I'll enjoy a few years respite from the 3rd grade history project, I can't wait to hit more living history museums this summer - hopefully all the kids will want to come with us.

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