Sunday, November 8, 2009

Henry is (really) 6!

Today my baby is 6. Six years ago, our (sort of) surprise was brought into a family desperate for him to arrive. Jake was 7, Max 5 and Ella 3. It was a fun pregnancy because the kids were so excited. There was debate as to boy or girl and then the subsequent debate over names for our baby boy. Henry Aden is one of a kind.

I have a friend whose third boy is a hoot. He is always good for laughs. Knowing the challenges his mother faced with a third baby born very close to the second, while building a house and moving I chuckle when I see him just being him. God brought him to her for a reason, and in sending him included a good dose of humor. Her Nicholas is my Henry.

I have enjoyed every bit of child rearing, sleepless nights and poop (yes, poop) under my fingernails included. Henry is a gift that enabled me to enjoy all the glamorous things motherhood brings - a bit more.

While I am so very sad to see the end of an era continue it is with great anticipation I look forward to what's around the corner. I love them all for every joy, trial and tribulation they have brought to my life. Probably the best testament is that I'd do it all again tomorrow.

Now on to what is really important...

Henry's cake of choice was chocolate with chocolate frosting. No bells. No whistles. No extra chocolate - much to Ella's disappointment. I used a new chocolate cake recipe since the Martha One Bowl recipe has a tendency to sink and/or overflow. Dorie Greenspan's Cocoa Buttermilk Birthday Cake with Jess's Super Chocolate Buttercream decorated with Dots (he loves Dots) and sprinkles. It was good but not as good as Martha's sinking and overflowing or not.

The cake picture is "the one" I have to have for the record book, but I always love a good shot of them just being themselves.

Happy Birthday, Baby One!


Emily said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Henry!!! I love your testimony on motherhood and what it's like to have your babies growing up one by one. The picture is great and I hope you all had a fab time celebrating.

Georgine said...

Happy Birthday to Henry! I am glad he is feeling better and can enjoy such a fab cake. (I love dots! B ate the only box we got for Halloween.) I sometimes hate that B is growing up. I was looking at our iPhoto yesterday and couldn't believe the how different she looked at 6 months versus a year. They do grow fast.

And I love the photo of all the kids together. It's nice they have each other.