Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please Stand By...

...I am having technical difficulties. My beloved camera, a hand-me-down from friends, has expired. Those same friends, have offered to help me purchase the camera of my dreams so I am in the shopping phase. I want to make a good decision and get a camera to fulfill my modest skills and give me room to grow into a better photographer. I had never had a digital camera before this one and I never new how much I was missing. Now it's absence is felt all the time, most recently when noticing a vintage pottery filled with persimmons awash in some of the best sun we've had in weeks. Bummer.

Until my new toy comes to fruition, I'll think of new things to make. Maybe they'll included apples.....or persimmons.

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Emily said...

Good luck with your camera situation. And on a side note, re: your blog entry from Tuesday...we used to have "tuna burgers" every once in a while with french fries when I was little. Talk about comfort food! Yum. And I will try your recipe for pumpcakes. They sound delicious! Keep up the great work with your blog. I really enjoy reading it and hope to get together with you soon!