Monday, December 14, 2009

Feliz Navidad!

Doug took last Friday off so we could finish up the kids' Christmas shopping. We took the opportunity to give ourselves a gift, lunch out and alone at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Bien Trucha, in Geneva.

Newly expanded, it was still packed at lunch and after a 20 minute wait we were debating what to eat while munching on homemade chips and pinto beans with chipotle and garlic. The Negra Modelo was nice, too.
On our last date day we went to Frontera Grill and had a fabulous meal. My only disappointment was not ordering the ceviche. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, the tilapia ceviche with lime, olive oil, serrano, tomato and onion was the highlight of my meal. I may even order it as my meal the next time. The presentation was beautiful and the portion surprisingly large.

Ancho-guajillo marinated pork tacos. Delicious and made more perfect with pineapple and a squeeze of lime were next.

When we ate here last we ordered the Bien Trucha skirt steak taco. Here Doug dives in to the Arrachera with avocado, caramelized onions and tomatillo-serrano salsa. We love tomatillos and they made these tacos even better.

We also had the grilled corn with epazote-butter and lemon aioli. I may have to eat a bowl of this with my ceviche next time. We tried the white rice with poblano cubers, sour cream and chihuahua cheese, too. It was Doug's least favorite dish, but I thought it's creaminess was a nice counterpoint to the spice.

I'd like to think that date day will become a quarterly event but certianly a Christmas tradition. There are so many restaurants to try maybe in the new year, we'll try a new place or ethnicity.

Or maybe not.

Feliz Navidad!

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Georgine said...

How fun for you guys! A nice reward for the shopping and all the other hard work you are doing right now.