Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Falls on Prairie

Today the first real snow arrived on Prairie Street. Henry was beside himself last night in anticipation and the older kids were crossing their fingers for a snow day.

This was the view through the screen door or shall I say storm door. (ok, actually from the porch). Henry and Ella at work, Henry no doubt acting as foreman. Jake desperately trying to avoid being nailed by Max's incoming snowball. Needless to say, they were having a wonderful time, even if they were supposed to be shoveling. Who am I to stop their fun?

Here she is, our yellow house, dressed for the holidays and softly dusted with snow. Doesn't she look lovely? We have a perfect roof line for icicle lights and for years have hung them on the upper and lower roofs. Last year, after discovering that brand new lights, from the year before, had died, we decided we were done with lights. The expense is not as much of an issue as is throwing yards and yards of lights into the landfill is. This year we opted for garland with hand-me down lights and wreaths in all the windows. Will the green police come if I admit the garlands are fresh?

At the estate sale of a neighbor lady in our first neighborhood, I was able to purchase an old pair of skates. I've always wanted a pair to have on the porch through winter and was pleased to give these a home. The cute wooden folding chair I found on a curb.

Finally, the snow imps that were supposed to be working, eating the first snowballs of the season. Lights in the landfill, the killing of trees and small children eating snow. I think the green police will be arriving any minute. At least I'll earn points for estate sale-ing and garbage picking, right?

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Georgine said...

Fresh greens and trees are bad? Oh, then I am rotten, because we do both! The house looks great. I love the skates. And the kids look like they had a blast. Oh, what fun it is to live on Prairie street. (Sung to the tune of jingle bells.)