Monday, March 22, 2010

Shamrocks, Tacos and Beer

For the second time, Doug and I ran the Shamrock Shuffle. Doug has been a runner for years. Confident for years I'd never be a runner, must admit I've enjoyed my recent attempts. It's something Doug and I can do together - even if he crosses the line before I do. Finishing a race has perks beyond that great feeling of accomplishment, too.

Last year the Shuffle was run in several inches of snow and slush. This year, the snow stopped just before the start but it was overcast and freezing. So, why subject myself to this?

The really, really bright green shirt? No.

The neat number pinned on my really, really, bright green shirt, then hung on the garage fridge? No, that's not it either.

Pretty much it's the beer.

It is the beer this shy running stud is toasting - even if it is crappy ultra-light. When crossing the finish line, the refrain heard over and over? Many - all including the word "beer". It's always socially acceptable to drink beer following a run - even if it's 10am.

Frustrated by crowds in our favorite post-race spots, we searched elsewhere for seats to rest our weary bones and grab a bite. We lucked into a gem when we happened across Flaco's Tacos. This quaint and casual taco joint was just what we needed.

Bright colors, cool decor and empty seats.

Nachos with homemade chips.

These delicious fish tacos for only $2.25 each!

And, of course, beer.

The perfect way to celebrate my Irish-Mexican heritage.

Well, at least the perfect way to spend a Sunday.


Georgine said...

I am glad you ran Sunday instead of Saturday! See, I would want carrot cake, not beer or maybe a margarita! That sounds good.

Emily said...

Very nice!!! Props to you and yours. My hubby is out on a fun run right now; he's also looking foward to working with your big guy tomorrow night.

We loved the Green Market last Saturday. It was great to see you too. Also - can't wait to make the chocolate chip cookies's my goal!

See if you can make a comment on my blog - I know you've had trouble doing that, but I have a give-away for tomorrow!!! Talk to you soon - E