Friday, March 26, 2010

Coming Home To Roost

Sometimes there are things we have longed to do and it falls into the "some day" category. While my bucket list has many "some day" items, I've realized there are some which are actually quite attainable. I decided that unless I act, many of my "some days" will never come. Wednesday "some day" came.

It's no secret that I've always wanted to keep chickens. A flock of lovely ladies providing fresh, organic eggs for my table - always a dream. My oldest friend Holly, has kept chickens for a few years and inspired me to take the plunge. I, or we, are now keepers of chickens. Yaaaayyyy!

I am happy to introduce the latest additions to The Yellow House. The last two days have been very exciting. The best part, just like children, has been watching their little personalities develop.

This is Little Lily. Ella selected this little scrapper. By far the tiniest little chick I've ever seen, she definitely holds her own, just like Ella.

Rita Red, adopted by Max. Named for Bob Marley's wife, this Rhode Island Red is a quiet observing presence. Coincidence?

Meet Martha. Henry wanted to have a "bright yellow one" and here she is, a White Barred Rock. White-blond fluffy down with an open mouth, always chirping or eating. Hmmmmmm.....

This is Charlie. Jake selected this Black Barred Rock because "she was standing in the corner, oblivious to what was going on, pecking at a staple." Reminds me of someone......

And finally, this is my Milly. This adorable girl is either a Buff Orpington or an Aracauna. The Arucaunas lay the lovely blue-green eggs. Should Milly be an Orpington, she'll to like to eat a lot, get fat and be lazy.

I think I'll end my personality parallels there.


Emily said...

Congratulations!!! Oh, those little chicks are just the cutest, and I love how they mirror each personality in the household. So where's the rooster??? Your mister must have one too!

Karly said...

I am sooooo jealous! I have always wanted chickens too, but my husband just gets this frightened look on his face when I mention it. He's not big on things that poop...which is probably why we only have two children. ;)

urban craft said...

you got your own chickies! Lucky. They are wonderful.

Georgine said...

OK, I go away for a week and you get chickens! Life is not fair. I cannot believe it. When may I visit them? I am so jealous!!! I am so jealous!!! Where are they living? They are adorable. What does Murray think of them?