Monday, January 3, 2011

2....1....and Now It's The Year!

Two, then one day before Christmas.....

We had an especially lovely dinner with dear friends. Thank you for a really fun evening!

In her spare time, my dearest friend Holly baked all of these wonderful cookies. SHE can make spritz and those tasty Norwegian twists. Her chicken coop kicks butt, too.

Are you a fan of Holmes of Homes on HGTV? Not me, I am a fan of Henry on Homes. If you need any handy work done, call. Don't Grandmas think of the best gifts?

Oh my! A trifle! Don't you wish you had this recipe?

Through the screen door, a Christmas Eve delivery to Margaret.

A houseful of family and lots of good food.

The annual scratching of the lottery cards. Thank you Uncle Jono! We actually won some this year.

A very tired Christmas puppy.

It was a Glee-ful Christmas in the yellow house. They are GLEEKS. Notice the backward "L's"? Irony?

I know they are mine but could they BE any cuter?

I busted out the favorite cookies, cocoa crinkles. Perfect with a cup of Jake's fancy cocoa. I always hide some of these lest there be none for Christmas.

And now the new year is upon us. All good things are ahead. We are healthy and happy and together.

We are so blessed.

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