Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meant To Be A Farmer

Yesterday, in the way only a puppy can, Junie B. was tormenting Milly. She never really hurts her but sufficite it to say, when I rescued the poor thing she was pie-eyed and soggy. Since it was so cold, I thought I should dry her off and warm her up a bit before returning her to the yellow hen house. Isn't that what a real farmer would do?

She was exhausted by her ordeal. So I wrapped her in an old towel and held her like a baby. I really miss holding babies.

Once she started to warm up she perked up a bit.

We enjoyed a little light reading. It wasn't The Little Red Hen, but still of that sustainable genre. She began to feel better but her fluffy feathers were still a bit matt-y. Max, my right hand chicken wrangler, and I gave her a bit of a blow out with a cool hair drier on low.

Isn't that what a real farmer would do?

Okay, in my defense I was wearing a flannel shirt.

It had a cute, trendy cut in a funky plaid with pearl snaps. Does that still count?

1 comment:

Georgine said...

I want to be a farmer too! Without the plaid shirt - bad catholic school reminder.

Very cute little chicken.

Will we ever get together for coffee or anything? Do we need the green market to see each other?

Remember when you bought dried beans at the Green City Market? Do you remember the "brand?"