Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cooking A Family Dinner

A while back I decided it would be a good night for everyone to participate in the making of dinner. A simple pretzel chicken from Fine Cooking was on the menu.

It was the perfect recipe since it required much dipping and dredging. Everyone was getting their hands dirty - except Jake. He has a clean hands phobe. My fault - first born.

Ella got the super slimy job of egg dipping. Can we talk about that beautiful egg color? Jake is so supportive and his hands are so...clean.

There were multiple jobs for everyone. Here Jake is giving Henry a hand with his stirring technique. What a comedian.

There was also a quinoa salad that I'll share at a later date. That recipe offered my larger children an opportunity to work on their knife skills. They are old enough to handle a knife and I'd rather they know the right way.

Max measures and Ella stirs.

Even Jake (eventually) got his hands dirty chopping chives.

Everyone even got a chance to cook the chicken. I've always believed that teaching them the right way and not encouraging them to be afraid is the safest way in the kitchen. I also know someday they won't starve or shrivel up due to Ramen Noodle sodium counts.

The point of this whole thing? How great it is to cook as a family. We had lots of laughs and though it wasn't our favorite pretzel chicken it was really great to be together in the kitchen. We seem to spend a lot of time there even as everyone grows older. It's a comfy place to be and there is no hook better than food.

I recently wrote an essay inspired by our kitchen time. I'd like for you to read it - if you're interested.

What I'd really like is for you to make something in the kitchen with your family.


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