Monday, January 16, 2012

On a Creative Roll

In all, 17 people got their gift on in the yellow house for the annual kitchen gifts class last month. Since the second class was rather large, I modified my typical format and set up stations, tastings, examples and mini demonstrations.

One of the best parts of kitchen gifts is the creative wrapping process. I do my best to buy only brown paper and doll it up. A blank canvas to be made hip, sparkly,  rustic or traditional. To that end, I also try to corner the market with every possible cool bit to make conservatively wrapped gifts especially fun. When possible, I like everything to be reusable.

The problem in these classes has historically been how to display the goods without looking like JoAnne and Michael barfed on the table. The answer? Brown paper.

Isn't she clever?

A cohesive display and much inspiration.
This post was written well before Christmas and abandon as many of my forthcoming posts were.
I must apologize for unearthing Christmas. It's past, it's done, it's packed away. But since I didn't get this posted in a timely fashion and really wanted to share this idea, here it is. To save myself, I wondered about other applications of this little display and come up with some others....

Gather your goodies and host a winter craft party. Use it to show step-by-step directions for the scout meeting or birthday party craft. Roll out a brown paper table runner at your Superbowl party. Draw out your plays, root for your team, label the snacks, never hear "what is this?" every again.

That alone, is worth it.

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Great idea! I love brown paper.
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