Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Strikes Again!

The book says it all, The Great Pumpkin Strikes Again! For years, the time proceeding Halloween includes weekly visits from the Great Pumpkin, at the yellow house. It's been happening for years and we aren't quite sure why we are lucky enough to be treated to such special visits. "He" arrives at night, long after we've all gone off to bed. Treats are left outside the front door, conveniently sheltered from autumn rains, on the porch.

Always bringing age appropriate and simple treats: window clings, Halloween crafts and books. The excitement builds until about 3rd grade. About this time the thrill shifts from being gifted, to being in on the gift. Henry was over the moon with anticipation of "his" visit and the rest of us are left wondering.....why us, in the yellow house?

Perhaps we should ask Grandma.....

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Georgine said...

Such a cool idea! Henry has all kinds of excitement in his life this weekend. I cannot wait to see photos from his birthday party.