Monday, October 12, 2009

He Did It...Again!

Sunday was the 32nd running of the Chicago Marathon and Doug was among the 33,000 finishers. Yaaaay, Doug! The race starts and I run (I mean fast walk) off to see him at various points throughout the course. Usually, I search for him among thousands of runners and never see him. This year we were lucky and we saw each other twice. The first time at mile 2 and again between miles 12 and 13. See him in the blue Make-A-Wish shirt?

The way this day works is that Doug runs and runs and runs and runs and in between looking for him, I wait and wait and wait and wait.

It was certainly much easier to be me, sipping tea on a cold, cold Chicago day.

After 26.2 very long miles Doug finished only a bit worse for the wear. Once again, I am so proud of his commitment to this challenge and his amazing mental willpower. He ran on behalf of kids that maybe can't run. Hopefully his efforts will enable a special boy or girl to experience something wonderful, too.

Isn't he the greatest?

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Georgine said...

Wow. That is al I can say. Were you freezing? What about Doug's legs? Go Doug. Her really did a cool thing. But still, Sunday was Brrrr!!!