Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Piece Out

When in Chicago last weekend, we finally had the opportunity to eat at Piece on North Avenue. I had been told the pizza was great and the micro brew worth the trip. I couldn't wait to experience it myself.

As we waited for a table we had excellent beer. Excellent beer. The Golden Arm, a German-style Kolsch, was refreshing and light. The Top Heavy Hefeweizen was my favorite, great body and complex flavor. Comparable to a Blue Moon but less sweet and no need for citrus. In hindsight, I wish I had grabbed a growler to enjoy later.

We had the always classic goat cheese appetizer, topped with red sauce and served with garlic toast. I thought it was a bit too hot and the goat cheese was melted into the sauce and overwhelmed. Chalk it up to a crazy busy Saturday night. Not a deal breaker.

The pizza - I love that it's oddly shaped, a sure sign of really rustic pizza in my book. Basic pizza, extra sauce and pepperoni is Doug's carb load of choice pre-run. The thin crust was just a bit chewy, just the way we like it.

Our hosts chose mushroom and black olive. I love the earthy flavor of mushrooms and olives (of any type) are a bonus on pizza. Lots of topping. I love lots of topping.

Not being one to discriminate, I chose to sample both. There wasn't a clear cut winner.

I think I need to go back for further research and a really good beer.

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brian said...

Yummy Pizza!
always hits the spot!