Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Ten Years....

It's not until I see a magazine cover touting "the decade's best!" or happen across a fascinating "Top 20" show on MTV that I remember we've entered a new decade. Doesn't it just seem like yesterday that we held our breath hoping to discover we had made the right choice by not stockpiling water and canned goods?

The last decade has been good to us. The kids are getting older and going off on their own more often. Their individuality and humor astounds me everyday. We have a beautiful home we are all proud of. Doug is successful in his work. I am beginning to find a place to succeed, outside of motherhood.

So why, on the cusp of this new decade do I feel a bit melancholy? It must go back to that magazine cover inasmuch as life keeps moving until one day, in line at the grocery store, you realize 10 years has passed. And while it's been a blast, it's happened in the blink of an eye and in ten more years, Jake will be 23, I can buy Max a beer, Ella will be on her way to vet school and Henry will be begging for the car (God help us all). I knew 6 years ago when Henry was born that in 2009 I would turn 40 and the last of my babies would be in school, and now, all of a sudden, it's here.

Having the time for personal success is great. It's nice to know I am capable of things beyond memorizing the PBS schedule. Then again, sometimes, that seems like just enough. Sometimes I just want to follow them like a mother hen and make sure everyone is dry, warm and fed. Even if it means watching Bob the Builder....again....and again.....

No matter. They keep moving faster and faster and faster wanting to get to the the end of the next ten years.

I just have to hurry and catch up with them, remembering to enjoy every moment.

Happy 2010!!

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Georgine said...

Nothing like making me remember. I wasn't even married 10 years ago! THis is a great post. BUt, I cannot even think about 10 years from now. I can barely think a year ahead. Crap, makes me want to cry.