Friday, January 29, 2010

Processed Food Project - The End

Well, we've reached the end of our week of processed food. There is still a meal of delicious chicken nuggets, but it'll be a casual affair with parts of the family away at the dinner hour. For all intents and purposes, it's a wrap. I thought I'd share some highlights and final thoughts.

Some of my favorites....
When asked what they missed most, Max replied, "food that wasn't frozen 30 minutes ago."
Also attributed to Max, "so, what exactly is this made of ?" and finally, "Twinkies really aren't that bad.".

Everyone unanimously agreed that they felt a little "bloated" after a meal of all processed food. A good observation from kids, I think.

Doug thought it was fun to revisit some childhood meals, though no one wants to eat this way all the time.

I appreciate the fact that they've all missed my homemade cookies.

Jake seems to have enjoyed the project the most. Go figure, he's 13. Having soda in the house has been a thrill for him. Ditto Doritos and HoHo's.

Henry has been a pill after school this week. Could it be the chemical laden lunches or just a fluke?

There are corn products of some type in every processed food on the shelves, but did you know so is MSG? It's good to be a perimeter shopper.

Now that's not to say it's been completely horrific. In fairness, there were some meals, or aspects that were a hit, beyond the Jell-O.

It wasn't delivery, it was DiGornio. The meal of the week, preferred by most diners.

Tater Tots. Say what you will. I love tater tots with lots of ketchup. Bar Louie in Chicago does a "Loaded Tots" appetizer. Haute bar food and worth every artery clogging calorie. We've even recreated them at home.

Ultimately, I think Max and I were the most......challenged by this week. Max was more open than I, I admit. Last night, I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich. However, in the end, it's always good to be open to opinions beyond your own.

And regardless of what you're eating, "if you are around the table with those you love, what you're eating shouldn't matter so much.", she said with........conviction?

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Georgine said...

I love a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Toast the bread, add some rasberry jam and I love it even more. HAve you all tried Nutella? That might be something fun but not too bad for you!