Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saveur 100 - 2010

I love Saveur magazine and this issue is my favorite. My subscription may lapse but I am always sure to pick up the January/February issue from the new stand. Obviously, the beginning of the new year is the time for such an issue, but the timing is especially great since the doldrums of winter are beginning to settle in. Perfectly timed inspiration.

What are my favorites this issue? Here are just a few....

#2 - Eggs From Your Own Chickens. Nothing like a really fresh egg. I'd love to have a few girls in my own yard. Someday.

#11 - A cool site where you can download your own food photos and include recipes. Move over

#21 - Rapini. Love it. It deserves some good press.

#24 - Italian Plums. Reminded me of a great day at the Green City Market last September.

#26 - Prehaps my favorite new find, A great source for the home bread baker and all things bread. My favorite cozy winter thing.

#30 - Tuna Melts. Sorry, I love 'em.

#39 - Homemade Egg Noodles. On my list of "to-do".

#50 - Turning Forks. I have one of my Grandma's "granny forks". Nostalgia is always good.

#52 - Talula's Table. I heard about it on NPR. I'd love to go.

#54 - Cooking Under a Brick. How cool do I feel for having done at a class a year ago? Offering it again this year.

I skipped a few on the way up (#10,#37, #48) and then there is #66, #76.....

Trust me, get yourself a copy. Soon.

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