Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chickens in the Yard

It's been busy around the yellow house lately. Gardening, landscaping projects, coop building and my first bee swarm. As we try to finalize the yellow house hennery for the girls we've begun letting them roam the backyard with us.

The exercise and snacking are good for them. I can't wait until they have more freedom all the time. These pictures were taken on their first adventure into the great outdoors. They were a bit tentative, as were we. True Mother Hens.

It's so nice to have them out with us. It is peaceful to watch them and just knowing they are enjoying the yard makes me happy. They tend to stay together and near the fence line. This makes them easier to keep track of and I worry less about someone swooping in for a snack.

Apparently, there is lots of good stuff for snacking on the stone path. The most fun was feeding them worms we dug up from underneath the hostas. Once they figured out how tasty they were the chase was on to grab them from one another.

Charlie - Champion Worm Snagger, Bossy Flossy, Ruler of the Roost. Isn't she pretty?


Georgine said...

With a name like Charlie, you just have to be pretty! But in our house, to be Bossy Flossy and Ruler of the Roost your name has to be Beatrix. Love these Chickens. So jealous, and seriously cannot wait to meet them. Coffee sometime, somewhere?

Nicki said...

Wow, they have grown so fast! Do they peck you a lot?