Monday, May 10, 2010

Henry Builds a Cabin

Last week Henry, and in turn all of the kids, were home sick with a fever inducing virus. So perhaps selfishly, I was thrilled to have them home, even if they missed a day or two of post ISAT education.

Henry was the first to succumb but several days into it was feeling well enough to return to work. I walked into the family room to find him engrossed in his building project.

Here he was painting the interior walls. Hen loves to build and this project has been ongoing and constantly morphing for a very, very long time. The hole in the bottom is the opening for the stairway to the first floor. It has been "framed out" many times and constantly requires change orders. Siding has been applied, colored and removed. Trim has been installed, a kitchen with a lovely counter has been built out. The plan of the moment is always clear and the level of creativity phenomenal.

When there is work to be done, of any kind, he is first to volunteer. Always willing to take on the most difficult projects with gusto. He's happy to act as a supervisor and is known to crack the whip - even with the foreman - his dad.

A work ethic is so important and we are very proud of Hen's. And a carpenter with a face like that. Come on!

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