Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Lunch

Lay of the School Lunch

My lunch at school is always good,
I get the very finest food
That any little girl or boy
Requires, to give him health and joy.
I always have a sandwich brown
Of wholewheat bread, the very crown
Of foods composed of grains;
Between the slices, toothsome, sweet,
I find chopped eggs or cheese or meat.
A daintly salad crisp and green,
With dressing in a bottle clean,
Delights my eyes, likewise my tongue,
It's awful good for old and young.
A cooky brown, then juicy fruit;
I tell you what, my lunches suit.

From The Chilren's Book of Food Verses
by Winifred Stuart Gibbs

My how things change....


Nicki said...

Right? Little Bear's school lunch poem would involve nachos and fruit roll-ups!

Emily said...

That is so darling it almost brings a tear to my eye!