Friday, October 1, 2010


Sometimes moms get to do cool things. Like drinking Prosecco on a Thursday night.

Sometimes the prosecco is served at a hip little place with an exposed brick wall and cool art. A place called Preservation Bread and Wine.

Sometimes sophisticated food like Pumpkin Ginger Soup is enjoyed. It is made by someone else and is delicious and lovely on a cool fall night. The talk is of grown up things like books and travel. Okay, kids, too.

Sometimes there is a perfect cheese platter of European varieties. It's served with cinnamon-y watermelon pickle and earthy beet chutney.

Sometimes the Dutch Balarina Goat Cheese is infused with crunchy salt crystals and so butterscotch-y, it's hard to remember it's not dessert.

Sometimes there is dessert, perhaps a bread pudding, and a glass of Riesling (ok, maybe a 1/2 glass) to complement it.

Sometimes moms get to have the perfect night out.

Sometime soon, it'll happen again.

We deserve it.


Carla Hibbard said...

I love this place so glad we got a cool restaurant walking distance from my house!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the date pal! it was so fun.


Georgine said...

Must try this place. I don't see high chairs. Hmmmm..... Maybe B is old enough to babysit Charley.