Monday, October 18, 2010

We Had A Weiner Roast

We've been having a lot of bonfires in the backyard since the boys built a make shift pit. When our fancy new patio project is complete we'll have a fancy new fireplace. For now this one next to the hen house is perfect. Saturday, Henry asked if we could roast hot dogs over the fire. What a fine idea.

I remember summers in Tolono when Grandma announced we'd roast weiners for dinner. It never failed to illicit giggles and snickers from behind the dirty hands of four stair step grandchildren. Being a responsible adult I don't snicker anymore - I just sing "Let's have a weiner roast. No need to build a fire....".

Okay, maybe I made a few wise cracks once the weiners were in the fire. Doug is the responsible parent. I am the one that winds 'em and stirs the pot. Besides, hot dog jokes are funny.

Doug being a responsible weiner roaster. (that made me laugh when I typed it)

Cake and Beanie roast a weinie. (that made me laugh, too)

Alright, maybe sometimes the Ramones hair looks cool.

Oh look, here's mommy. Or actually mommy's beer. Long after I am gone, they may not know what I looked like but they'll lift a pint of IPA in homage. (photo by me)

Of course there were s'mores and sticky faces.

Then tired eyes and bed.

What a great night.


Georgine said...

Doug and the responsible weiner roaster made me snicker. As did Cake and Beanie. Seriously, I need a laugh!!! How are you?

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

We started having wiener roasts! Love them! My husband is also the "responsible wiener roaster" at our house, too! Must be a dad thing ;)