Monday, February 28, 2011

A Favorite Haunt

Ahhh, food shopping. I love it. Many people hate it but for me it's a favorite pass time. Give me a grocery list and I am a happy, happy girl. Need to know exactly where they keep the organic basmati at Woodman's? I can tell you. Marcona almonds at Trader Joe's? Got you covered. Maybe it's a bit sick.

A few weekends ago I was in Chicago for the Green City Market and one the way home, stopped in Fox and Obel. Ever been there?

A really great grocery, it falls into the hobby shopping category for me - foods not needed to prevent starvation. I go with a list of specific things in mind and with the exception of a few missteps hold firm. I call it hobby shopping after an ill fated trip to Whole Foods during which time I referred to it as entertainment. Hobby budgets are smaller in my head.

This haunt has most anything a food lover could want. Aged beef, esoteric produce, a dairy case to drool over, organic ghee and beautiful pastries. Nice fixtures, too. I'd love to fill this piece with baked goods in the yellow house.

Cheese - the highlight of the trip. Where shall I start? All of the handmade lovelies you read about, ready to be cut to order. Taking it all in and reading the tags is fun. Tasting and taking it all home is better.

In the middle of the store is candy island packed with jars and jars of candies and all varieties of Vosges Haut Chocolate. Maybe it's a childhood thing? Maybe it's the colors? Maybe it's jars and jars of inspiration. Ella and I are going to use the pearlescent malted milk balls on an Indian-inspired elephant cake for her 11th(!) birthday this summer. Fun!

So really you should go to Fox and Obel. It'd be a lot of fun.

I'd be glad to take you or maybe you can just give me your list.

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