Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

Ahhhh, a snow day. A highlight of childhood.

The snow was perfect and the whole family was home.

They dug tunnels.

The neighbor kids of all ages worked together to build "the coolest snow fort EVER."

I think June had more fun than any one. Added bonus, she was too tired to create puppy havoc inside.

Just a bit of snow lining the sidewalk.

I promised Henry an adventure so we walked the 7-11 and the donut shop through 20" of snow. It was really tons of fun!

From the front door.

Somewhere there is a sidewalk.

Henry was the first to volunteer for work. He's trying to dig a path to the hen house.

Yesterday was a great day and today will be another one (detect note of sarcasm). It's too cold to go out and the natives are getting restless. Time for arts and crafts before all hell breaks loose.

Ahhhh, the highlight of every mom's snow day. Sending them back to school.

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