Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day - Day 2

If one snow day is great then two is better. The first we enjoyed the snow a lot, but the second with crazy low temperatures kept us indoors. When the kids were little we did projects all the time. Not having anyone home during the day and the older kids bailing on me has put a damper on my creative crafty ju-ju. Recently a new friend inspired me to be more crafty. So, Tuesday while the grocery stores were crazy, I did the craft store tour of Randall Road.

The kids have always liked to make their own valentines and a day at home seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a jump on the next holiday. While I was at Michael's I ran into my good friend/neighbor/artist JoAnne. She is a printmaking and paper artist - if it involves either, she's done it. Check out her new blog here. What luck for me - she was chockful of ideas that cost me next to nothing. Thought I'd share a few in case you'd like to make valentines, too.

Have you ever done potato printing? Super easy and super inexpensive. JoAnne lent me her cool tools so I didn't have to invest (they were $17 each). They were great for carving designs into potatoes. Never fear, if you don't have an artist neighbor you can cut simple shapes, like X's + O's, above with a paring knife.

Try this as another way to utilize those heart shaped cookie cutters. Press the cutter about half way into the cut side of a potato. Then cut around the cutter with the knife parallel to the flat side of the potato. Great stamps for little hands.

For easy block printing, buy a sheet of medium thick craft foam. Cut it into the desired size then etch the design onto the foam with a dull pencil. Dip into paint or brush with a foam brush and let the printing begin. Be sure not to use too much paint since it will make for a murky print. In the picture above, I used a foam scrap as a make shift handle. Easier to use and, in theory, neater.

We used craft paint and watercolor paper from the stash in the basement. Watercolor paper makes the prints look much more special.

The above was printed after generous dipping in a huge stamp pad left from a kindergarten party craft.

I've done botanical printing with leaves, fruits and vegetables but I've never used celery. Cut a few inches up from the root end and used as stamps in pink and red stamp pads, it creates beautiful roses. I got a little compulsive. Some were stamped directly onto torn edged water color paper.

Some I stamped on scraps and cut out to be collaged or used as gift tags. I'm always thinking about food gift presentation. (more on that coming soon.)

After a busy crafting session, we proceeded to chocolate chip pancakes for lunch,a viewing of Despicable Me. The bright sun came through and there was even some remodeling done to the greatest snow fort EVER. Talk about a great day.

Everyone returned to school today and the house was eerily quiet. To moms with young children, I know some days never seem to end but don't wish them away.

All too soon, they're over.


Anonymous said...

That looks like the perfect day to me!
(btw....I LOVE despicable me!!!)


amy wolgemuth bordoni said...

Love the celery prints! Vegetables are so amazing. Thanks for the idea. (And thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm glad to know about yours!)