Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And They're Off

Today was the day.

Henry is a kindergartner now - it seems like yesterday... *sigh*. He was so excited this morning and didn't waver for a moment. How can a mom cry about that? I like to think he was happy to see me at 3:30 though. Ella, a fourth grader is looking very forward to the exciting year ahead. She is running for class president. We were working on slogans tonight. How does "Don't Smella - Vote for Ella" sound? I am so proud of her courage!

The middle schoolers, Max in 6th and Jake if 7th. Max, being a man of few words, didn't say much but I know he's going to love middle school and have a great year. He starts bike club next week. Jake, started cross country last week and is proving himself to be quite the runner. The social butterfly that he is - school is a big party.

Wow, four well-adjusted, brilliant and talented kids off to school. I couldn't be any prouder.

Now if I could just figure out what to do with my time.....

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