Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Up North"

We have very dear friends that live in Michigan, north of Detroit. For years we have laughed at the expression "up north", very often used by Michiganites. Exactly how far up north does one have to be to be considered "up north"? This year we found out when an invitation to beautiful Boyne Mountain for summer fun was extended. This gorgeous view is from the ski lift.

Every evening the ski lift was open for twilight rides up and down the hill. There were many rides and many reconnaissance missions deployed in search of missing flip flops.

At the beach I take this picture of the kids. It's fun to see how they have grown through the years. Interestingly, when photographed as a group, they always arrange themselves this way.

We were able to spend a day on the lake our friends call home. Swimming, swinging and boating. Another picture tradition, lined up on the pier. I wonder how much longer they'll all fit?

Our trip was wonderful and filled with swimming, shopping, relaxing, lots of laughs and a brush with KidRock. We all returned home sun soaked and tired. We can't wait to go back and spend more time with our extended family in Michigan - "up north" or otherwise.

Oh, and for the record, anyplace north of Manistee, is "up north".

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