Friday, August 7, 2009

Flea Market Finds

Sunday, at about 2 o'clock, Max and I remembered it was flea market weekend. We jumped in the car and beat a path to the fairgrounds. I love that Max loves flea markets as much as I do. When I was his age I always went with my mom and now I enjoy going with Max.

While our time was really limited, I think we were both happy with our loot. Continuing with my bowl obsession, I scored two cobalt blue, and a bright red in a shape I've never seen. While the last thing I need are more mixing bowls, I can't help myself when I find a deal. Their fun colors make me happy and I use them everyday.

I added another waist apron to my collection. Red gingham, perfect for my kitchen, with hand embroidery. Finding a great apron is always a thrill. I usually get a great deal, particularly considering the time a talented woman put into them. I wear them to save my clothes while cooking and just because they make me feel domestic.

Max has recently become talented with a yo-yo. Leave it to Max to love an old-school past time. He got a new one for his birthday but when he found this great orange Duncan, he had to have it. After brief trauma when the dowel broke, he and Doug have been working on repairing it. Soon he'll be back in action with an awesome new, old yo-yo! By the way, if you are interested in any Duncan yo-yo trivia, Max is your man.

Finally, I was captured by a stack of old photos. The latest theme I seem to be drawn to is the kitchen or just eating in general. (surprise!) I found a few great ones at an estate sale and it's fueled me to continue the hunt. Two ladies in a 50's kitchen behind a table laden with food and a young boy whipping something up in an old stand mixer are among my favorites. I have in my head that I'll use them in printed material for my fledgling cooking instruction business, nourish.

So, for $27 I got two hours of treasure hunting with Max and lots of cool stuff. How can I beat that?

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Georgine said...

PLease let me know next time you go. If Max doesn't mind, I would love to tag along.