Monday, August 17, 2009

The Food of Boyne

Boyne City is the home of the National Morel Mushroom Festival so I figured they had to like good food. When away I always have to check out everything food. Once on a vacation, Jake asked why we had to visit a particular store. Doug's answer was, "most people see sites on vacation, Mommy has to check out all the food stuff". Pretty astute and very true. Tuesday morning Amy and I visited the Boyne market. It's always interesting to see what different markets offer. The French Breakfast Radish for a dollar a bunch were great for an afternoon picnic.

My favorite farmer, by far was Blackbird Garden. This is a two fold business, both catering company and specialty grower. Growing great food and then cooking it. What a cool business! I am so envious - even though it's a lot of work.

Beautiful herbs, baskets of red garlic and nasturtiums thrown into bags of salad greens by the handful. Our greens turned up with an easy vinaigrette, cheeses, prosciutto, smoked white fish mousse and toasted bread. My favorite way to eat.

After this farmer's red garlic tutorial I brought home two heads - one for eating and one for planting. I am hopeful to have a bumper crop of my own next summer. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask this man his name but his willingness to chat and passion for his work is why I love markets.

After the market we made a quick stop at Lake Street Market, home of the smoked whitefish mousse. Just the exterior makes me want to go in. This little market has a nicely edited cheese case, great sandwiches, fabulous baked goods, micro brews and other fun foodstuffs. If you get "up north" you really must check it out.

The best part of traveling for me is the food. Checking out the businesses of like minded people and experiencing the culinary offerings of the area.

Food creates great memories.

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Georgine said...

Maybe some day you'll have your own Blackbird Gardens! Your trip looks like it was wonderful, and the town! So cool. I wonder if other people look at our towns like I am seeing Boyne? Maybe I take my town for granted.

I love that you visit food when you travel. Your photos are great too. I missed you.