Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Burger Project - Buns

Here we are in the final phase of the burger project. Ketchup, pickles and mustard made. Buns (almost) in the oven. It's all done but the grilling.

I read several recipes in search of the bun of my dreams. I found lots for plain white buns but something told me they would be too "white bread" - pardon the pun.

I looked for a honey wheat recipe, thinking a hearty texture would be nice and the savory condiments would be offset perfectly by a touch of honey. Most of those recipes were whole wheat, meaning no all-purpose to lighten it up a bit, too heavy. Also, I didn't want this burger to appear to have a healthy bent. Whole and unprocessed is one thing but this is about a really great, guilt laden burger.

It was at this point I recalled Deb of Smitten Kitchen having similar issues in her search for the perfect hamburger bun.

And then I found it.......

*cue the choral angels*

The Perfect Bun...
A Light Brioche Burger Bun

A joy to make
Flavorful with amazing texture
Surpassing expectations after a light toasting on the grill

If you've ever considered making your own burger buns, make this recipe. If you think I am certifiable (as my brother does) for embarking upon this summer project, make these buns. They are truly worth it.

Many thanks for Deb of Smitten Kitchen, for her exquisite taste and paving the way to the perfect bun. To try this recipe, and you really must, click on the link above.

Also, many thanks to Carol for being my "right hand"and amazing photographer. She is so talented, I want to be like her.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, made Deb's light brioche hamburger buns and was so pleased with the results. I made them during winter so I toasted them in a pan and had them with sloppy joes--delicious!