Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Squash Anyone?

Although my garden is rather small, I thought it would be fun to grow acorn squash this year. One plant was about all I had space for and would certainly provide enough squash for my family, right? Little did I know that I would also be able to provide squash for every other family I know, too.

I have given 3 away, made puree out of 3, have 4 waiting to be eaten, 2 on the vine, lucky rodents have taken 2 and my "one plant" has many more blossoms and shows no sign of stopping.

It's good that we love acorn squash but I realize I am going to have to break out of the mold. Usually, I just roast it with butter and brown sugar because I love it that way. Due to the quantity available and yet to come, I will certainly be exploring other avenues.

Soups, pasta, pasta sauce, roasted cubes, stuffed......any suggestions?

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