Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Day of Food

Shortly after the kids returned to school Doug and I took two days to spend together. In our 13+ years of child rearing we'd never really had that so it was a thrill to say the least. After getting the kids off to school, the world was our oyster - until 3:30pm. Our first day we decided to go to the city for a fabulous (of course) lunch at Frontera Grill. Doug had never been and it had been years since I had eaten there so we were excited. There were so many choices, we decided to go with some of our stand-by favorites elevated to Top Chef Masters level.....

Queso Fundido Clasico: Samuels artisanal Jack cheese with garlicky roasted peppers, homemade chorizo sausage and oregano. (seriously, homemade chorizo?)

Sopes Rancheros: crispy corn masa boats with savory shredded beef, roasted tomatoes, avocado and homemade fresh cheese. (Doug has been wanting to make corn masa boats.)

Tacos - wood-grilled meat, poultry, fish or mushrooms sliced and served with roasted pepper rajas, two salsas, frijoles charros, guacamole and homemade tortillas. (I had pork, he had beef. The 3 Sisters black beans were AMAZING)

Did I mention the cocktails? Margaritas are always great but the blackberry mojito was a high point. Let me just say that until that day I never really understood the mystique of mojitos - and now I do, two times over.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to bring my camera (stupid) and the photos taken with a Blackberry didn't do any of it justice. Next time I'll be prepared.

Afterward, running short on time (3:30 was looming) but in
desperate need of sweets, we hit Hoosier Mama Pie Company. This great pie company made it's debut at the Green City Market and provided the best pie I had ever eaten - that wasn't made in my own kitchen!

I love everything about this lovely little shop. The sign, the vintage decor, the pie and even the baker's twine tying up the boxes. "Save your fork, there's pie" always makes me think of my Grandma, so I appreciate that touch, too.

Paula, the owner of this quaint shop (and mother of two little ones) researches old cookbooks for forgotten pie recipes which is really cool, too. One of these is an apple variety, I want to say it was Colonial something but its true name has slipped my mind. It's not on the current menu but I hope it will return this fall and winter. It was wonderful.

On this day, there was a piece of coconut cream for the drive home, or shall I say for the drive to the tollway. Later, key lime and fresh peach.

It was perfect pie and a perfect day, too.


Georgine said...

How cool for you two! Hmmm, I don't know pie (in one hand) Frontera (in the other) (weighing back and forth.) I don't know which wins in my book. Good thing you did both!!!

Lisa said...

That all sounds wonderful! I've never been to any of Rick Bayless's restaurants but am dying to go. (I love the sound of his new place, Xoco; he and others have been talking about it a lot on Twitter lately—they grind their own chocolate for hot chocolate, what?!?!) Anyway, your meal sounds delicious, every single part of it. Nice day!