Monday, April 26, 2010

Where the Wild Things Grow

Late last week, Max and I hit the feed store for yet more chick food - who knew chickens could eat so much? Afterward we stopped and did some foraging. We love to go foraging. It suits my compulsive nature and Max always sees the needle in a hay stack making him and excellent partner. Last year we had great success hunting morels so this year, we attempted asparagus.

In all fairness, it wasn't true foraging. We knew it was there and had previously been part of a farm or incredibly industrious gardener's plot. Now abandoned, the asparagus calls to those who love to hunt for free food. Never having seen asparagus growing, we wandered aimlessly for awhile. Just about the time we figured we'd try again another day - Max found the first spear. Max always finds the first.

In the midst of a field it's not easy to find. After applying our deductive reasoning skills we were on the right track. Of course, finding the first drove us to search and search and search until we realized we'd be out there for hours. Or maybe Max realized I'd have us out there for hours.

When we returned home we were thrilled we had found almost 3# of good quality asparagus. There were some, that in the foraging induced adrenaline rush, should have been left behind. If they had gone to flower - it would help the plant along next season. Chalk it up to beginner enthusiasm.

We left with our hunting urges temporarily appeased but will go back. I remember my mother telling me when I was a kid, one could sit and watch asparagus grow. Can you imagine what may be out there right now?

As with morel hunting, it's never a good idea to divulge your foraging spots. Since I am so stingy about my mushroom spots I figured it would be kind to share my asparagus location....

Hope to see you there!


Nathan said...

love it! and what a great shot of Max! you 2 make a great pair! :)


Emily said...

So cool! I wish I could be half the hunter that Max and you are :)

I'm so sorry to hear about Murray. They are our beloved...