Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's New?

What's new in the yellow house? Nothing - and everything.

Out of commission oven reaches crisis level. It's a Thermidor. I love it but their customer service is awful. That's a kind description.

Our girls are growing. Who knew I would fall head over heels in love with chickens.

6 dozen eggs were boiled in anticipation of hunting.

Hasslman's Farm Pork Shoulder marinated with fennel and citrus. Braised in the slow cooker, (did I mention my oven is broken?) served with potato-fennel puree and fresh asparagus. Delish.

A peek into the hive full of busy, busy bees.

A hand-me-down baby pool becomes a play pen.....and the chicks grow.

The oven saga continues...

A beautiful, blue hyacinth perfumed the house for days.

The chicks learn to perch and grow some more.

An egg dying event of enormous proportion...

...including photo ops with yellow Easter chick.

The chicks grow....

...and enter their gawky teens.

However will I feed Jake and 5 hungry teenage girls?


Georgine said...

Bad news about the oven. I hope it gets fixed soon. I can't imagine how hard it is for you to have a broken oven. How is the butler's pantry? Cannot believe how fast the chicks grow.

Mike said...

Hey, great pics! Isn't that actually a hyacinth though - that smell IS spring.

One question, my daughter started reading my new issue of Mother Earth News and was intrigued about their review of chicken breeds for eggs and poultry. She is of course, begging me to raise chickens (Rachel is almost 12). I think I mislead her a bit by actively discussing what it would be like to do this, when later I said it would be impractical and dirty, and time consuming she broke into tears (ugh, I am the bad daddy). Would you ever consider using your chickens for poultry, or do you think it's worth it just for the eggs alone?


Mike Longo

Jennifer said...

Mike - I am really new to chicken rearing but if Rachel is game for the work at her age - more power to her! So far the upkeep has been minimal and the return has been well worth the effort. I've talked for years about chickens and a turn of events put in a position to finally take the plunge and I am glad I did. I would plan ahead a bit more than I unless you are a savvy builder! Our girls are strictly for eggs and companionship. Tell Rachel I said "good luck"!