Friday, April 16, 2010

See How They Grow....

We all lament how quickly our children grow. Where does the time go? Wasn't it just yesterday? Didn't I just buy those jeans? Let me just say, I am grateful my children don't grow like our chickens. I took these pictures a few days ago and already our chicks look completely different. The are looking more like chickens - big chickens - everyday.

Martha is a bit skittish and thoroughly loved by her little boy. I hope he doesn't try to feed her vegetable soup to make her talk. We found it didn't work for Murray.

Rita Red. It's been fascinating to watch the pecking order work out. While they are still at it I think she'll rule the roost.

My Milly. A bit bossy but continuing to be worried about her sisters and very willing to roost on an arm and settle in to oversee.

Little Lilly, always bringing up the rear. Definitely our little runt and in truly un-farmer-like fashion, we are so glad she is with us so we can coddle and care for her.

Charlie continues to be constantly looking for the action. She and Rita move toward a friendly hand in their brood box. She is a big one for sitting on the waterer and flying up to the edge of the box. Troublemaker or fun girl?

Things at the yellow house have been busy so blogging has been slow. Hopefully, we are on an upward swing full of lots of fun projects. We'll share the building of The Yellow House Hennery, planting our garden and making THE BEST pancakes in the world.

I can't wait to share!


Nicki said...

So... are you gonna keep these little chicks as pets forever, or... Uh... do I wanna even know??? :P

Georgine said...

They are so, so cute!!!! Call me biased, but Charlie may be the cutest. I mean your Charlie, not mine, though mine doesn't look like an alien anymore and is actually quite cute when she smiles. Anyway, hope all is well, and I will talk to you this week.

Emily said...

They're getting so big! And Cute! You are a woman I aspire to be...I'm making your lemon meyer cake this afternoon and sharing the "Yum Factor" with one of Patrick's colleagues who just had a baby. They are in for a treat!
Is taking care of chicks and bees super hard work? Like I said, I aspire...

Jennifer said...

Nicki - parish the thought! Our girls are strictly layers and primarily pets. They will live long and healthy lives in our backyard!

Emily - Bees and chicks don't seem to be too much work so far. I have to say that laundry is moving closer to the bottom of the list but life is short, right? Chicks and bees are way more fun and less of a pain to put away! ha!