Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fermenting with Rebecca

In case you haven't realized, the internet is an amazing thing. Earlier this summer, I met Rebecca via a meet-up group connection and a shared interested in cheese making. Through conversation and email, Rebecca assisted a cheese making class I taught for Slow Food and then graciously agreed to teach a fermentation class for Nourish. Neat, huh?

I have always wanted to learn this art but was a bit intimidated to work with live foods. To have an expert teach me was just what I needed to encourage me.

It was fun to be on the other side of the counter for this class. I just had to collect the ingredients and equipment.

And prepare many mason jars.

Rebecca is a delight and just as passionate about all things food as I am. We could talk all day!

Many ferments start with whey and for our class, she made raw milk yogurt and drained the whey - away. (ha!)


Above, Mary is hiding behind her straight pin turned cabbage pounder.

We added caraway to our sauerkaut before pressing it into jars. The trick to a no-mold fermentation? Weighting the product with a ziploc bag of water during the week long process. I love tips from a pro.

After tasting we made ginger-carrots, beet kvass and sauerkraut. They were all delicious foods that make you feel like you're doing something really wonderful for your health. Bonus-they are delicious!

It was so wonderful of Rebecca to share her knowledge with me. In addition to being a fermented foodie, she is a compulsive food preserver, cheese maker, farm girl, beekeeper and soap maker. A woman after my own heart. You really must check out Rebecca's website to purchase her products. Follow the blog and read all about forays in her many, many other passions.

Thank you world wide web for bringing me Rebecca!


TT said...

Good Morning!

Both the URLs for Rebecca's pages are wrong. I think you have too many ooo's in your URL.


Otherwise, great post and great information!

Jennifer said...

Tim, so grateful for your heads up! I wouldn't want Rebecca to not get the attention she deserves! And yes, my o's got away from me!
Thanks for reading!