Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making Probiotic Soda

Once again, Rebecca was kind enough to share one of her many skills and teach in the Nourish kitchen. This time - pro biotic sodas. My new favorite thing and current beverage addiction. (though those peach-rosemary rose spritzers were a pretty good sweltering day drink.)

Again, I got to sit on the opposite side of the counter and learn from a pro how to make my own natural soda. Full of 40 pro biotics, this fizzy beverage is not only good for your gut but tasty and really, really refreshing on a hot day.

The method is really easy and she shared three different ways to flavor your drinks. We also experimented with some of the many (many, many) fruit and herbal syrups I've been cranking out.

The fresh fruit version was made with wild blackberries Rebecca foraged herself. Love this woman.

And now we wait.

A few days later we are able to bottle it. This is a good way to recycle Grolsch and other clamp top bottles. Another few days on the counter then into the fridge.

Slightly sweet, bubbly refreshment on a ridiculously oppressive July day.

And then, I begin again.


Unknown said...

Any chance you can post the recipe for this? I'd love to try this!

Jennifer said...

I would love to help you with this project but you need water kefir grains. Do you live near me?