Monday, July 25, 2011

A Water Park Adventure with One

A week ago with the 3 big kids gone to Nantucket (I know, right?) Doug and I took the opportunity to enjoy the baby one as an only child. We took him for a quick trip a water park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

There were many, many, many trips up lots and lots and lots the stairs to shoot down the tube slide. I loved it almost as much as Henry did. FYI - it's even more fun if you scream the whole way down.

The shallow pools gave Doug and I a chance to sit and relax while Henry played.

I love to catch them having a wonderful time in their own little world.

Hey, who's the hot tub stud?

Henry made a new friend.

Can you believe our luck? It was Lego weekend. In the lobby is a huge moose redolent of the resorts mascot. Built by one of 11 certified Lego Master Builders. Henry was in heaven. Only children also get to build a Lego John Hancock building at an inflated rate.

After leaving the resort, a we stopped at the home of a wonderful friend. She let Doug take Henry on a spin on one of their scooters.

And the moral of the story? The brothers and the sister will be so jealous of....the scooter ride.

The free stuff is always the highlight.

Just as I had suspected all along....


Additionsstyle said...

Looks like the three of you had a great time! What a nice get away.

Anonymous said...

How nice to have some quality alone time! Now the other kids will want a day as well.